State Certified Alcohol Education classes for all MIP, MIC, PI, DUI Minor, and DWI Education Classes
Call Us: (806) 793-4522


These loving people in our community are here to help. Utilize them.

The Center for Study of Addiction at Texas Tech University
is the best kept secret on campus.
Open AA meetings Thursdays @ 7:00PM. 15th and Akron on Tech Campus. Call today for a FREE alcohol/drug assessment: (806) 742-2891.
The Ranch at Dovetree (806) 746-6777
Offers inpatient, outpatient, and collegiate support. This treatment facility that will set you on the right track for life.  Off campus sober housing is available for men and women at the Treehouse and the Haven, respectively.
Student Services at Student Health Building
15th and Flint, (806) 743-2848
FREE counseling sessions.
Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic
(806) 742-3074
For individuals, couples, and family counseling. Intense, life-changing, therapy. You’ll never be the same.
Community Family Addiction Studies (CFAS) at TTU
(806) 742-5050 to take an elective course in addiction studies or receive a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in addiction studies.
AA 24-Hour Hotline
(806) 796-8200
If you are ready, we are waiting to help. CALL TODAY.

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State Certified Alcohol Education

DB Education is state certified through DSHS of Texas as an approved provider for the Alcohol Education Program for Minors 6-hour course and the DWI Education 12-hour course.

Our Goal:

We strive to raise awareness of alcohol abuse among teens and adults, reveal knowledge of laws related to drinking and driving, encourage better decision making, and do so in a comfortable and open environment in which to learn.


"I actually enjoyed the class. We learned a lot and felt comfortable to ask questions." Brandon            "The class went fast because the teacher made it interesting. Would recommend the course." Julie